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Connect with a highly qualified real estate agent in the HomeStory network and earn up to $9,500 after close.

How it works

1. Connect

Get matched with a top
performing real estate agent

2. Close

Work with your dedicated team
to close on your dream home

3. Reward

HomeStory will send you your digital reward within 45 days after you close

HomeStory network agents are independently verified experts in buying and selling

  • Must have at least 2 years experience and 20 closed transactions
  • Consistently rank in the top tier of experience and sales performance
  • Provide full service from start to finish
  • Make you eligible for up to $9,500 cashback after close

How much could you earn?

Use the table to calculate how much you could earn when buying or selling.


*Reward is unavailable in the following states due to local law: Alaska, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Oregon

If you're having trouble viewing the rewards schedule, click here to view a text version.

Looking for more information?

HomeStory Rewards connects Zillow Home Loans customers with experienced, local real estate agents in the HomeStory network. Customers who use a HomeStory agent to buy and/or sell a home are eligible for a post-closing reward between $350–$9,500, paid by HomeStory, on each transaction (purchase of a home and/or the sale of a home).

HomeStory, a real estate brokerage, manages the national network of real estate agents.

Your reward is paid to you directly from HomeStory. You should expect to receive your reward via email within 30 days of submitting your closing documentation on your purchase and/or sale transaction.

If you have purchased and/or sold a home through the program and have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your closing reward, please contact the HomeStory Rewards Team at or 1-877-328-2691

HomeStory network real estate agents are verified by HomeStory to ensure they meet program eligibility standards. To be eligible for the program, real estate agents must:

  1. Be licensed for a minimum of two or more years and meet current state licensing requirements;
  2. Meet production requirements by completing 10 or more home sale transactions per year;
  3. Maintain a 90% customer satisfaction rating; and
  4. Agree to HomeStory’s terms of the customer rewards program where permitted by state law.

Prior to entering into a contract to list or buy a specific home, you can change real estate agents at any time by contacting HomeStory’s dedicated Reward’s Team at 1-877-328-2691

Once enrolled, customers may opt out of the HomeStory Rewards program at any time by contacting 1-877-328-2691

Any contractual obligation established outside of the program and directly between a customer and a real estate agent is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Customers who opt out of the HomeStory Rewards program prior to closing on their home purchase or sale are no longer eligible for the program reward.

No. A home loan with Zillow Home Loans is NOT required to qualify for the reward.

Zillow Home Loans and the HomeStory reward are available to all eligible customers regardless of the lender chosen to finance their home purchase.

HomeStory Rewards is designed for customers looking for access to local, qualified real estate agents.

Customers already working with an agent are not eligible for the HomeStory Rewards program and/or the post-closing reward offer.

The HomeStory Rewards Program is offered in partnership with HomeStory Real Estate Services, a licensed real estate broker. HomeStory Real Estate Services is not affiliated with Zillow Home Loans, and Zillow Home Loans is not responsible for the program provided by HomeStory Real Estate Services. Obtaining a mortgage from Zillow Home Loans is optional and not required to participate in the program offered by HomeStory Real Estate Services. The borrower may arrange for financing with any lender. However, the borrower agrees to give Zillow permission to provide HomeStory closing statements with sufficient detail in order to pay the reward following the closing of the real estate transaction.


Qualifying for the reward requires using a real estate agent that participates in HomeStory's broker to broker agreement to complete the real estate buy and/or sell transaction. You retain the right to negotiate buyer and or seller representation agreements. Upon successful close of the transaction, the Real Estate Agent pays a referral fee to HomeStory Real Estate Services. All Agents have been independently vetted by HomeStory to meet performance expectations required to participate in the program. If you are currently working with a real estate agent, this is not a solicitation. A reward is not available where prohibited by state law, including Alaska, Iowa, Louisiana and Missouri. A reduced agent commission may be available for sellers in lieu of the reward in Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Oregon and should be discussed with the agent upon enrollment. No reward will be available for buyers in Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Oregon. A commission credit may be available for buyers in lieu of the reward in New Jersey and must be discussed with the agent upon enrollment and included in a Buyer Agency Agreement with Rebate Provision. Rewards in Kansas and Tennessee are required to be delivered by gift card.  In Kansas the reward is set to $1,000 regardless of the sale price of the property.


HomeStory will issue the reward using the payment option you select and will be sent to the client enrolled in the program within 45 days of HomeStory Real Estate Services receipt of settlement statements and any other documentation reasonably required to calculate the applicable reward amount. Real estate agent fees and commissions still apply. Short sale transactions do not qualify for the reward. Depending on state regulations highlighted above, reward amount is based on sale price of the home purchased and/or sold and cannot exceed $9,500 per buy or sell transaction. Employer-sponsored relocations may preclude participation in the reward program offering. Zillow Home Loans is not responsible for the reward. The reward is valid for 18 months from the date of enrollment. After 18 months, you must re-enroll to be eligible for a reward. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice.


If your property is currently listed with a real estate agent, please disregard this notice. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate agents.

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